New Themed T-shirt design comeptitions coming : One Matchstick!

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We have yet another exciting t-shirt design competition coming up Springleapers!

Springleap.com and One Matchstick have gotten together to bring you this new one :)

Who is One Matchstick you say?

One Matchstick is the exciting brainchild endeavour of the innovative and entrepreneural mind of Telana Simpson.

Telana Started her adventure with one matchstick and decided to see how far she could trade it up - yep. ONE MATCHSTICK. Check out the One Matchstick Website to read her amazing story and get a gist of the theme.

She traded a matchstick to a pen and it just went ballistic from there. Her last trade was for a party for 150 people. WOW!

So what’s up for grabs for the person who designs the official one-matchstick t-shirt?

Main Prize item -  R1000 cash to spend on bidorbuy.co.za (kindly sponsored by BidorBuy.co.za

Other Prize Items-

A Poken
A Swatch Disco Vibe Watch
A 2 hour Coaching Session with Telana
10 VIP Tickets to The Party in JHB
3 Springleap T-shirts

Total value of Prizes - R5300

ALSO, a movie is trying to be made, and if it is, the winner will be mentioned (and MAYBE interviewed) in the movie.

Here are the dates you need to know about :

29th August - Submissions for designs open
8th September - Voting starts
17th September - Voting ends
18th September - T-shirt Trade Day

Some Rules!

1. Download the Springleap t-shirt template kit here and read all the rules therein before entering
2. The competition is open to anyone
3. The voted design will come before a panel of judges in onematchstick and Springleap.com to decide the winner from the top voted candidates
4. The winner’s prize will consist of a bundle of goodies valued at R5300 (about US$650) including 3 of the t-shirts you designed and exposure as the designer that created the OFFICIAL onematchstick t-shirt
5. The winning design and all copyrights related to it will become the property of Telana and onematchstick to do with as she sees fit.


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Yea, just sad that you get full rights to my artwork for $125 and a watch…meh, seems more of a South African competition

shoutBack 1 day, 8 hours ago by IntegralApparel

Im in, awesome idea.

shoutBack 1 day, 10 hours ago by DustyRich

Heya guys and gals - the OneMatchstick competition times and prizes have been updated!

Sorry to hear that Integral! The total value of the prizes is US$650, with the cash segment worth about US$125

shoutBack 1 day, 11 hours ago by EranEyal

couple bucks and a watch? I’ll pass

shoutBack 2 days, 2 hours ago by IntegralApparel

Another Springleap.com themed competition is starting in less than a week! Submissions open this Saturday.

Get ready for your chance to win R5000 worth of awesome prizes! GOGOGO!

shoutBack 2 days, 9 hours ago by Lokololly

Heya Springleapers!

New themed competition launching on the 22nd August - details are here!

shoutBack 5 days, 1 hour ago by EranEyal