All we are is energy by sebasebi

....and what do you think?

All we are is energy writeup with sebasebi by DuncanBoxie

Sebasebi has become a very well respected designer on
Here he wins again with another styling “space theme” of nebula sized proportions!

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

The first thing I thought about was the title, from there I started designing. It would be about a man becoming, again, part of the universe.

2. This design is similar to Mr. Cosmos, is it part of a set you are running?

No, this design predates Mr. Cosmos, but the universe is a recurring theme in my drawings.

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

I had it in my head a long time, thinking how to do it, but the execution, 3 days.

4. For some srange reason the character looks like Michael
Jackson…any relation?

Not at all, just a coincidence. I read your comment and did not know what you were talking about, ha haha.!

5. You seem to be very big into the ‘space genre’, are you a science
fiction fan ?

I love the genre but mostly in drawings and designs, not so much in movies and books.

6. Will you be creating more designs in this winning style?

I will if the concept of the work is needed. What interests me is that the message is clear.

7. Who do you dedicate this design to?

Maia, my girlfriend.

8. Were there any design elements that you would have liked to add to
this design?

Mmmmm, no, at first the title was added to the design, but this looks better.

9. Did you have any difficulty designing this piece?

No, not really, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to do it and also did some sketches by hand. So when I’m doing the final design and I have everything ready, that to me works very well.

10. If you could pick any artist to recreate this piece
for you who would it be?

I like the work of Cmatos, Suburbanhijinx, and Nicetomeetyou.


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