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Hey designers!

This is a list of all the design-related blogs that have been, and will continue to be posted right here on Springleap

These posts are aimed at helping our designers to become the best they can be. We hope that you will use these tutorials and advice blogs to keep up your game so you can make lotsa $$$$$!!!

1. Apply a Vintage Effect to Several Images Using Actions
2. Examples of transparent screen trick photos from Smashing Magazine
3. Preparing and talking about your graphic design portfolio
4. Create sparkling, animated text in photoshop
5. Create metallic text on a concrete background
6. Design a print ready flier with photoshop and illustrator
7. Colour Variations
8. Custom Fonts
9. Design Write Up
10. Colour Separations
11. Illustrator Brushes
12. Vector tutorial
13. Distressed Effect
14. Christmas Fonts
15. Custom Photoshop Brush
16. Illustrator flourish tutorial
17. Blending Modes
18. Balanced t-shirt design

Keep your eye on Springleap for more cool specials, tutorials, advice, competitions and MORE!!!


Hi Impish,

Good questions!
Regarding the Templates, you can use any of our T-shirt Templates available in the downloadable Submission Kit.

Check the resolution on your original design for the Thumbnail. E-mail me at chloe@springleap.com with the thumbnail image and I will see if I can spot the distortion problem.

shoutBack on 12/1/11 by cloMO

@Impish for all design related queries please email chloe[at]springleap[dot]com and she will gladly assist you. She will also post an answer on this thread for everyone to view :)

shoutBack on 9/1/11 by amyabrahams

just wanted to find out a few things, can i use the mock up templates to submit a design?
about the small thumbnail view, when i decrease the image size to what is requested it looks distorted, how do i do the thumbnail image?

shoutBack on 2/1/11 by Impish

Glad to hear it Kayo!
If there is anything in particular that you would like to know about, drop us a comment and I will see what can be done ;)

shoutBack on 16/9/10 by DuncanBoxie

This advice is the best thing you guys have given to us ,i really hope i can use it to fulfill my dreams.

shoutBack on 16/9/10 by Kayo