post-apocalypse - Thumbnail post-apocalypse by sebasebi

finding life …

5 colors, in halftone, hope you like it!

Enviro Mental competition winner with sebasebi by DuncanBoxie

This was the very worthy winner of our Enviro Mental theme competition. The design itself looks great, but also stays true to the message of “green-thinking”.

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

I do not remember, the idea just happened.

2. What does this design make you feel?

That people are looking for ways to protect life. The man of my design has rescued the flower from pollution.

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

Mmmm, I start a job and I leave some days, and continue or start another, and then go back to the design and always correct something. So, it depends when I have to submit to the contest.

4. Did any other artwork inspire you to create this?

Not in this case.

5. Do you think this design reflects your state of mind from when it
was created?


6. Is this your normal style or an experiment?

It`s my normal style.

7. Who do you dedicate this design to?

Nobody especially.

8. If you could change anything in this design what would it be?

Nothing, I think it went well.

9. What kind of person do you see wearing this design?

Anyone,although it has an environmental theme. I think anyone who likes the design.

10. If you could pick any artist to recreate this piece for you who would it be?

I like Mathiole’s work, its a big influence on my own.

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cool I thought the guy was trying to plant the flower!

shoutBack on 17/12/09 by RoxzyLok