Evolution? - Thumbnail Evolution? by sebasebi

nothing has changed in thousands of years, man gets the power through violence.
Hope you like it!

Evolution winning design is Evolution? with sebasebi by DuncanBoxie

Sebasebi has become very well known around these parts for his highly imaginative super-deatiled designs. This time around we were gobsmacked by his intricate design of how human evolution is affected.

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

The concept. Most of my designs start with the title and then after drawing
had the issue in my head…. evolution…..evolution…..EVOLUTION?
Something like that….haha.

2. What is your take on Darwins evolution?

Totally agree with it.

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

Mmmm, 3 days maybe 4, with the final touchs.

4. Do you feel man can only evolve through the use of violence?

I think that man has not changed, they use violence to gain power, that instinct endures, it has helped develop technology, but not man itself. In fact the best inventions are made during wartime.

5. What made you decide on this kind of military soldier with a gas mask?

Because of its similarity with the monkey thats looking at him.

6. What lesson do you think mankind needs to learn?

That evolution has to be an internal growth of understanding to a mindset that accepts others differences.

7. Who do you dedicate this design to?

As always, Maia.

8. Were there any design elements that you would have liked to add to
this design?

Not really.

9. Did you consider any other colour variations for this design?

Probably in the range of brown. Could look good!

10. Who do you feel was your closest competitor in this compo?

Oh…I do not remember the names, but there are always very good designs.


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