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 Where you can find springleap Tshirts? shoutOut on 12/3/08 by Eric in wordUp on 13/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

Think of springleap Tshirts as a calendar and you’ll have no problem getting your favorite one…


The day the winners are announced, you’ll be able to buy your favourite Tshirt from the springleap website.

Obviously, it will only get delivered the following month after they have been manufactured and printed, and all the gizmo’s are ready, but you won’t stand a chance of kicking yourself when your favourite Tshirt design is sold out.


One Month after the winners are announced, the Tshirts will be sold in THREE places only:

1. The springleap.com website
2. THREE Big Blue stores
3. TWO eSquared stores


Two Months after the winners are announced, you won’t be able to buy the designs on springleap.com or the eSquared stores.

However, we’ll tell you which stores or people bought any remaining springleap stock and you’ll be able to contact them to see if they have your favorite design in your size.

If you want to buy our unsold stock after the EXCLUSIVE period, then why don’t you apply for a springleap vendor account?


Nope, that’s it! If you want one of the kick @!% designs you need to be quick, as we have LIMITED quantity’s!

 Dodgy Designs shoutOut on 12/3/08 by DuncanBoxie in peeps
none yet


Ok when I’m talking about dodgy I’m talking about rude designs that are a bit to “porno”. Look we want you to express yourself and go nuts with the designs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to shoot from the gutter (sounds wrong) to get your message across. Obviously if you do something that is tasteful we wont mind too much, but if its full blown smut, rather send it to Hustler or keep it to yourself.
Springleap is going to be for all ages, no matter if you a grandpa or not even in your teens.
So bear in mind things that are OTT will not be put up.
Happy and “clean” designing everybody.

 Design Diversity shoutOut on 11/3/08 by DuncanBoxie in peeps on 11/3/08 by Eric

Ok, so maybe you aren’t a design guru master, you have checked out the site and are keen to get involved.
Whats holding you back? are you worried that your design wont be as good as other design veterans?
I say STUFF THAT. If you have a cool design, even if its simple, send it in. Just because the design may be simple, or just some funky writing, who cares. If its original and funky and has a brilliant message, bring it. The community votes for the designs so if its catchy and unique, they will vote for it…I will vote for a design if I think its worthy no matter the style…from stick men to manga to intricate work…it all the same, its all art.
I urge others in the community to look on others designs sincerely and rate it for what its worth.
Also now is the chance to submit designs that you can get meaningful comments on, all this helps to improve your art and direction in style.
Happy designing everybody.
I can’t wait to see what great ideas you all have.
Peace out.

 sponsoring PodCamp South Africa shoutOut on 11/3/08 by Eric in wordUp
none yet


*What is PodCamp” is a question I get asked all the time.

Along with podcasting.

Most people know what blogging is nowdays - it’s what you’re reading here - what the springleap guys think on a daily basis - a day to day online journal of our experiences, thoughts, and what’s happening in our lives.

Podcasting is doing that by recording rather than writing.

So the second Podcasting get together is happening on the 19th April in Bloemfontein (the first one was in Cape Town a few months ago, and I was told Glen Verran did an awesome job putting it together, coz unfortunately couldn’t get to it)

So springleap has decided as our FIRST SPONSORSHIP we’re giving 2 tshirts to some of the attendees at PodCamp. (the first of MANY sponsorships we’re going to be doing!!!!)

...talking of which, if you think someone should be a BRAND AMBASSADOR for springleap, get in touch and tell us who it is, and why! (more about that in a future blog post)

Anyway, the guys at PodCamp have put the springleap logo on their site (which has all the details about PodCamp - what it is, where it is happening, how you can get involved.)

So if you are interested in podcasting, or just want to meet some of SA’s top bloggers and Internet guys (coz some of them WILL be there), check out the…

PodCamp South Africa website

 cool for a day thinks springleap is cool shoutOut on 6/3/08 by Eric in paparazzi on 11/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

there’s a blog on 24.com which takes a picture of someone wearing a cool tshirt every couple of days.

today was our turn

 Crazy tshirt designs shoutOut on 8/3/08 by TheBrigand in peeps on 10/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

My mind is clocking overtime - I have so many cool ideas for tshirts!!! I just hope that I have the skill to push out the quality.

I am really more a conceptual guy - not so much of a fantastic implementer… But hey!!! We all gotta learn sometime.

Nonetheless I promise some crazy tshirt designs heading your way!

 Learning the CMT and accessories industry shoutOut on 8/3/08 by TheBrigand in wordUp on 10/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

Here is so much to learn about CMT, cotton manufacture and the printing industry in general - from what the cellophane bags are made of, how many kinds there are, what the laws and regulations in other countries are regarding this sort of packaging - right down to understanding how many metres of cloth go into making a tshirt, what combed cotton is… you name it!!!

MuCHos loco!!!!

Ultimately I am really excited to garner such crucial information in the formative phase of springleap.
Any type of learning has a curve and I feel that this curve is very likely full of kinks and wobbles ;)

I mean when you phone around you never actually KNOW whether the person you are chatting to is outsourcing and putting a mark up on the cotton, buttons, whatever.

My advice to anyone learning the ropes in this industry - phone LOADS of people and don’t be shy to ask LOADS of questions. Whether it’s accessories, paper, cotton, printing… and ALWAYS go see where the stuff is made.

It can be quite the eye-opener.

 Tshirts on the Beach shoutOut on 9/3/08 by TheBrigand in peeps on 10/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

Yahhhh… I just came back from the early morning surf - what a blast!!!

When I took a quick break from my beach bum bonanza, I really took a long hard look at all the stuff I could see people wearing - the variety of stuff out there is staggering - tshirts had every kind of colour or design that the mind could fathom yet everything still had this basic generic feel to it.

Pretty sad stuff.

The tshirt is such an awesome medium for delivering and exposing KILLER DESIGN.

Why oh why is so much stuff out there so droll?

Well the answer is easy - it’s because of trends. Essentially when a trend hits or is set, the major companies want to stay safe and follow the trend within the outlines of the flavour of their brand which is dictated by the market that they focus on.

So the artists are totally pwned.

That’s why the concept of springleap excited me so - total freedom to create what you want without these restrictions whilst still being able to pursue your bread and butter work.


 springleap on Google & Yahoo news shoutOut on 10/3/08 by Eric in paparazzi on 10/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

It was an exciting day yesterday, as the first official springleap press release got issued.

WOW The internet is amazingly fast.

Within 2 hours, the story had been picked up by google news & yahoo news, and then a whole host of smaller news sites.

 The imod interview shoutOut on 9/3/08 by Eric in paparazzi
none yet


Chris Mills, one of the top 25 bloggers in South Africa, (according to the amatomu rankings), sent a list of questions to the springleap team.

After a night of 7 Cappachino’s, 5 Latte’s and a flask of green tea, the springleap team were ready.

Read the imod interview at:


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