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 Great stuff, ready for the next step? shoutOut 2 weeks, 4 days ago by DuncanBoxie in peeps
none yet


Wow everybody.
There some really fantastic designs being uploaded from what I’ve seen.
There is such a treasure trove of cool material out there. Just remember guys and girls pay close attention to the uploading tips.
Of course if theres any issues we will let you know.
I cant wait for voting to start now dammitz.
Have all you that submitted started work on your next design entries?

 Coke Fest 2008 shoutOut 3 weeks, 4 days ago by Eric in wordUp 2 weeks, 6 days ago by DuncanBoxie

We’re AMPED for the coke fest going down in JHB & Cape Town in the next few days.

If you want to win a springleap Tshirt, just copy your name and comment you made on the myCoke.co.za posting on the myCoke.co.za website in the shoutBack below - and one of you will be randomly chosen to get a kick $*#% springleap tshirt…

 entry 4 aprils springleap design competition closes on wednesday shoutOut 3 weeks ago by Eric in wordUp 2 weeks, 6 days ago by DuncanBoxie

If you haven’t submitted your tshirt design yet, then get submitting, coz entry’s close at midnight on the 27th which is wednesday!

voting starts on the 1st april, so come check out the designs, and give your opinion if they are good enough to be printed

 But what does it mean? shoutOut 3 weeks, 5 days ago by DuncanBoxie in peeps
none yet


Ok so you design some awesome design and you are fully convinced you are going to walk away with first prize. The votes are there but you aren’t in the top 20….maybe the reason is you never fully explained the message of your shirt, perhaps your design was a little bit too abstract.
Look this kinda thing happens all the time and it will be a perpetual problem.
Just a word of advice, don’t make the design so obscure that everybody just has one look and raises a wth eyebrow in response and misses the point completely.
Also the artist has a comment box where he can let the voter know what he was trying to achieve.
use it guys and girls…or suffer the unknowing, which leads to low votes. :P

 Wartime Tshirt Design shoutOut 3 weeks, 6 days ago by DuncanBoxie in peeps 3 weeks, 5 days ago by DuncanBoxie

What Tshirt would you wear to war…ok exclusing cammo shirts everybody, lets not cheat.
I’m talking about a design that when the enemy sees you coming it freezes in terror and leaves a puddle of wee where they stand.
I can think of a few designs, like perhaps a picture of Bush with a thumbs up and an inserted caption (in the language of choice) telling them that we come in peace…thats scary.
Maybe a good ol’ Ronald Mc Donald pic…that still gives me nightmares…happy meals are the DEVIL.
Theres a classic tee that has an arrow pointing left or right and the words “I’m with stupid” underneath….that works sooo well.
Can you imagine the faces of the poor hapless 3rd worlds in a trench when they see that coming. I’d drop to my knees and start digging a hole to hide…not that you can hide from thermal scans but hey.
Maybe the best shirt u can wear is a photo realistc one of a terrible gun shot wound…when the enemy gets close u just try not to breathe…perhaps stick some fake flies to your mouth.
Freaking heck…war is ugly.

 South Africa likes springleap shoutOut on 5/3/08 by Eric in wordUp 3 weeks, 5 days ago by DuncanBoxie

just got a mail to let us know that springleap is just outside the top 1000 on the alexa rankings of the top South African websites.

pretty cool!

that’s made our day!

 What is Blogger Warz? shoutOut 3 weeks, 6 days ago by Eric in wordUp 3 weeks, 6 days ago by DuncanBoxie

Once a blogger is invited to enter Blogger Warz, the pace is faster than “The Apprentice”.

What is a blogger? It’s someone who writes as an unofficial journalist on the Internet about anything they’re interested in.

The blogger has the option of either designing their own Tshirt or working with a designer to come up with their entry.

And that’s it!

People vote on the 2 bloggers designs for a month, and the one with the most votes gets:

1. Fame, glory & recognition as their tshirt design is printed, and their user name is printed on the back of the Tshirt

2. Fame, glory & recognition for themselves (& their designer if they use one), as we’ll be profiling them, interviewing them, and making them EVEN more famous (coz all bloggers are already famous LOL)

3. We’ll delight in handing over a cheque for R2000 (around $250) to the charity of their choice

The next month the winner goes up against a new blogger!

But even if the blogger doesn’t win, they get featured on the springleap home page for a month!

The first Blogger Warz is being hotly contested between:

Dave Duarte (in the red corner wearing a GSB pin on his trunks)


Mike Stopforth (in the blue corner wearing a bandana from Vegas)

Dave worked with Ryno Van Niekerk & Mike with Mark Forrester to come up with their creations.

The winner of this first Blogger Warz is going up against the SEO Guru webaddict, Rafiq Dancing steps Phillips

May the best Blogger win!

PS: Have a blogger you think should be in Blogger Warz? Nominate a blogger?

 Theme competition shoutOut on 14/3/08 by DuncanBoxie in peeps
none yet


Theme competitions are very popular with artists and in recent years online compo’s have really jumped at the opportunity to get involved.
Of course Springleap will be looking at starting its own asap.
For those of you that don’t quite know what a theme competition is, its basically where we at Springleap will decide on a sentence or maybe even a word and then artists must produce a design around that concept.
For example:
“Castles in the sky”: I would design a palace floating on clouds or a funny spoof of somebody throwing beer bottles through the air….it can be anything at all.
“Jealousy”: I’d design a monster with green eyes stalking a hapless human through the city, or maybe even a little kid looking at an astronaut while hes left playing with his own toy rocket.
Anyway I hope that makes sense and that the idea interests you.
Maybe we should have a compo between all the Springleap members, where you can submit your own Theme and the winner gets to have his as the next topic of design.
So give it a thought and when we are ready to run with it you will be the first to know.


 chilibean interview via skype text shoutOut on 13/3/08 by Eric in paparazzi on 14/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

Paul Jacobson from the chilibean blog interviewed our very own springleap founder Eran Eyal in a very innovative way today.

They got onto skype and the questions were asked LIVE via typing. So Paul asked a question, and Eran answered it in the skype window.

Then Paul did a small amount of editing (but left the time of the questions and replies), and the interview was blogged.

Discussion topics included:

what is Springleap, where did the idea come from?

is this the good stuff?

how does the process work from the perspective of an artist?

Would the choice of software package to support limit artist involvement? Is the software readily available?

What an awesome way of interviewing someone!

To check out the incredible conversation Paul & Eran had on skype (which lasted over AN HOUR), check out the chilibean site at:


 Win a Skyrove Router shoutOut on 12/3/08 by Eric in wordUp on 13/3/08 by DuncanBoxie

Awesome news!

Skyrove have come to join the party, and have offered a Skyrove Router for the winning design in April.

The router allows everyone to start up their own wi-fi hotspot anywhere! That means you can launch your own business from home if you want letting your neighbours and others in the area buy bandwidth from you.

Skyrove have ALSO given us hotspot vouchers for all the runner up’s.

Thanks guys! We LOVE giving more prizes to the winners!!!

Check out the Skyrove Website and don’t forget to meet Joey.

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