Kitten Licken

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This one’s for South Africans. Yip, it’s the asian rip-off of the very well known South African chicken franchise! If you were wondering, “Seoul” is the capital of South Korea.

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Must be so weird to create a design from a concept and be able to show your buddies the real thing :D

shoutBack on 7/10/10 by DuncanBoxie

Just received mine! The print came out brilliant!!!
Well done guys :)

shoutBack on 7/10/10 by CHUCKY

Indeed - I can’t wait for this to get printed tomorrow!!! - SWISH!

Well done on a classic win CHUCKY!

shoutBack on 19/9/10 by EranEyal

I love it. A real must have!

shoutBack on 17/9/10 by JohnSerthy

Well Done Chuck!

shoutBack on 16/9/10 by IAmSam

congrantz :D

shoutBack on 9/9/10 by Sergio37

... i hate you


shoutBack on 9/9/10 by Sergio37

YESSSSS, So badly wanted this to be printed!!!
hahaha the dude with the afro!

Thaaanks all & springleap :)

shoutBack on 9/9/10 by CHUCKY

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand OH YEAH!
Congrats on another killer stellar mind-throbbing WIN!!!!
Dude this one I seriously cannot wait to don :D

shoutBack on 9/9/10 by DuncanBoxie

CHUCKY dude. From the looks of it you are def in there with a chance to pull off another win. Good Luck ;)

shoutBack on 1/9/10 by DuncanBoxie