Liftoff 4

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With springleap in mind, and using the name as a springboard,such elements were created to spawn new ideas emphasizing a new beginning that starts with a single step, vis-à-vis, the footprint.(Part quatre)

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thanks for the votes!!!

shoutBack on 5/8/10 by eljay

there are 4 designs, very similar, I must confess, but unique in its own right. I notice now that, for some odd reason, the font didnt load while preparing for the last minute submission for the competition. But thanks, none-the-less…. :)

shoutBack on 5/8/10 by eljay

Hmmm I like the design, although I’m not sold on that recurring springleap writing on your main shape. Maybe a more stylisting font, or one single custom font that encompasses the whole shape?

shoutBack on 5/8/10 by DuncanBoxie

is this submitted twice I already commented and voted on this one?

shoutBack on 4/8/10 by claudiosworld