30 July - 13th August

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Straight from the Designers fingers

I did this design after watching ALOT of reality TV and playing ALOT of Fallout 3!!!

This is the broadcast of the apocalypse…in CMYK of course!

I like using suited figures with TV’s and Radio’s as heads. Plus I think the end of the world will be decided by a suited person of authority and I would not be shocked if it was televised!


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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT VOTED!!!! I am SUPER stoked that the community and SpringLeap deemed it good enough to print! I respect everyone’s opinion…i just hope everyone realizes there is a little more to the design than just “some copy and paste” I’m glad that the design is causing enough emotion to make Dusty comment on it after he didn’t have enough time to vote! Thanks again to everyone, I hope you all like the design and buy one! I’m sorry that I let those of you who do not like down…

shoutBack on 14/8/09 by suburbanhijinx

Whats up dusty! I do agree that the idea is played out, but nothing about t-shirt design has to be illustration based. No one said the amount of time it took to make the time should make it a hot seller. Collision theory has made a very SIGNIFICANT income off of public domain photos, vectors and no drawing whatsoever. This shirt will sell even though the concept is done to death.

shoutBack on 13/8/09 by IntegralApparel

first winner on springleap i don’t agree with at all, clip art based, no illustration (i could be wrong but it doesn’t look like it)copy past style that plays on an outdated and overplayed theme, boring and lifeless i didn’t get time to vote but this would have never been in my top 10 let alone the winner, i saw some top other designs that should have taken the place. My opinion take it or leave it your still R7482 richer or in your case $900

shoutBack on 13/8/09 by DustyRich

WINNER!!!!!!! What an awesome design!!! Well done!!!!

shoutBack on 13/8/09 by Eric

thank you jktskrg!

shoutBack on 13/8/09 by suburbanhijinx

cool…I like it…

shoutBack on 12/8/09 by jktskrg

any last minute votes will be greatly aprecaited!

shoutBack on 10/8/09 by suburbanhijinx

Thanks for the support! I hope it wins too!

shoutBack on 8/8/09 by suburbanhijinx

This has got to WIN! I absolutely love it! Well done!
Gimme, gimme, gimme!

shoutBack on 7/8/09 by Lokololly

i really dig this one

shoutBack on 6/8/09 by Pat