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The Dark Side

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Open Theme March 2

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A vintage tribute to George Mélies and his “A Trip to the Moon”!
5 colors white included on black.


Love the negative space. Looks lekker!

shoutBack on 12/4/11 by zedman

Aw this is SO great!!

shoutBack on 8/4/11 by mux

Vintage & Good !

shoutBack on 7/4/11 by Kakolak

cool work pal!!

shoutBack on 7/4/11 by ged

Woops, it was Kharmazero who needs glasses… sorry Cathron…;^)

shoutBack on 7/4/11 by vcalahan

Thanks a lot for the nice words fellas!
@Cathron : yep it’s five (two light blue greens, red, orange white) but it’s OK if you don’t buy new glasses!

shoutBack on 7/4/11 by vcalahan


shoutBack on 1/4/11 by carrie

I agree with CathRon, it is perfectly fitting!. i would like to see it on a grey or blue background though…just a thought!

shoutBack on 1/4/11 by waterbitten

Now this is perfect, awesome and great! #that’s_all :)

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by CathRon

clever , well done, beautiful, but i just count 3 colors, blue , red and white, i should perhaps buy glasses

shoutBack on 31/3/11 by kharmazero