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I really dig the design. Would wear this tee mos def. Have to agree that it does not fit the comp though. Gamers want hardcore fraggin designs with teeth and attitude, excpet the ones that play The Sims, they would want the Bhudda Dragon above.

shoutBack on 17/12/08 by Goggl3boy

tanks bo$$

shoutBack on 17/12/08 by mikdog

actually the more I look at this the more I like, maybe not for AMD, but I think this would be a seller! Maybe take some of the crits, and resub and your good to go!

shoutBack on 17/12/08 by IntegralApparel

Hmmmm too simple for my taste. Although it’s an interesting idea.

shoutBack on 17/12/08 by Tu

Hi there, lets focus on the designs shall we.
If you guys want to “toilet type” then please take it elsewhere, thanks.

shoutBack on 14/12/08 by DuncanBoxie

Okes. This is some quality stuff. Suvking? I don’t know what theese words is. Whats is theese wordz? I downnow whatz theese wurdz ees. You askz mee whatz theese wordz is? I dunnow.

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by mikdog

You and mikdog are obviously suvking each other….

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by KingC

I could say alot worse words but i rather just reframe from been to rude

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by KingC

This one she’s cool, but I wouldn’t make the AMD connection. Also KingC’s favourite word is… suck!

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by Gambyte

Let us all strive to be like this dragon pictured here. See how calm he is? That’s what we’re going for.

shoutBack on 11/12/08 by mikdog
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