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Wright out the ... Yesterday, 11:20 talk_t

This is a great *design* chucky! Love the vintage *plane* and the hand shaped *cloud* wanting to pull it back in... this *Tee* makes me enrgetic and provides adrenalin!! HAHA. really well represented. The *T-shirt* colour also compliments the *design*. Won't mind wearing one of these...
Cerbearus Feb 17th, 16:57 talk_t

This *design* does not do it for me. But detail wise it is cool! The use of the yellow really just brings out the facial features. Shading ise is also good. this design can goe on a white *Tee* aswell i think. might even look better than on grey.
world peace Feb 17th, 16:53 talk_t

In a way i find this *design* appealing to the eye. i guess its due to the use of bright colours on a white *T-shirt*. the image is not all that great but i like bright colours so i will wear it. reminds me of "back-in-the-day" TV-Games. LOL But i guess the message thats being conveyed is stresseed via the colour.
Mr Media Feb 17th, 16:50 talk_t

This is just me this is a bunch of meaningless, out of sequence, random words, no offence. It realy has cool colour mixes. The emphasis has been layed on the *design* itself by using a white *Tee*. some people might find it cool.
dino mite mountain Feb 17th, 16:45 talk_t

This *Tee* reminds me of a christmas tree...a very abstract one that is. HAHA. The *design* is just a image on a shirt for me ... i don't see any further meaning. but then again the colour makes up for that. The *T-shirt* colour is chosen well it compliments the sky for the image itself. But its a cool combination.
Zombie Boss Feb 17th, 16:40 talk_t

LOL!! Very funny... this *T-shirt* one should wear on workers day haha... Very well depicted hey. Great colour and shading on this image and good *T-shirt* colour chosen!! But i totally agree ith this *design* anyway HAHAHA. Has a vintage movie style to it which i like...Nice one
CORPORATE EXECU... Feb 17th, 16:34 talk_t

For me this is a cool *design*!!! Especially because it is on black!! The colour of the *Tee* just emphises the *design* more! I like the water deteriorated effect on the *design*!! this is quality! I get the feeling that this *design* stretches as far as to prove a point on a political level, please do correct me if I'm wrong...But awesomely done hey!! :)
Swallowed Up Feb 17th, 16:30 talk_t

This is a cool, abstract *design* but what is it actually i just see a pile of things, proberly a bird, that was swallowed and spat out?? it is a pretty dark and dull colour image but still stands out because the *T-shirt*colour selection was well chosen. I won't mind wearing this *tee*.
Soulsurfer Feb 17th, 16:25 talk_t

Great *design*!!! i won't mind fixing myself up with one of these on my chest!! love the use of the colours in the different areas. Nicely done...hope there is more of the *designs* coming our way. like the *Tshirt* colour...plain and simple because the image should catch your attntion!
Rabobi, Rabobi Feb 17th, 16:20 talk_t

To me this *design* is not that original...sorry. But considering colour schemes and text styles this is done well. I personally won't wear it but hey there will be people that dig it. :)The vintage effect syle is pretty cooly done. how would this *design have looked on a black *Tee*?? I think cool.
Tree Love Feb 17th, 16:09 talk_t

This *design* makes the *tshirt* look like a window or door way in to the little paradise that has been *designed*. Good use of colour though. like the contrast that the sun has. And the tree that splits day and night is just pure initiative. The birds are well placed they just break the bright colours a bit. Good one this.
this night Feb 17th, 16:03 talk_t

This *design* is very perculiar but catchy. It makes you want to look at it even harder. Good merging of vegetation to create this collaboration of things. i like the attantion to detail, especially at the base of the *t-shirt design*. The fruits in the *image* should have been made in colour so that they just stand out a bit more. But good stuff!!
Heartless PIG! Feb 17th, 15:58 talk_t

This is a really good initiative but i think the pig could've been depicted a bit better in the *design*. i think the pig should have been a little bit smaller so that more emphasis could have been applied to the catch phrase, "Pun". But unfortunately this is not a *T-shirt* for me to wear. The lettering of 'Heartless Pig' is well done.
GREETINGS?!? EA... Feb 17th, 15:52 talk_t

This *design* is very abstract and stretches the outer limits of *designing*. Effects are done well enough and provides a sense of mystery over the being. The guy reminds me of the game Hitman. Good *t-shirt* colour chosen, allows for the *design* to be projected more clearly!.
WeiRdos Feb 17th, 15:38 talk_t

This is a very *funky design* and each character is uniquely drawn but personally it's not my style. Colour wise you did well and text style is good! :) It looks hilarious aswell!! good *T-shirt* colour...will work on yellow aswell!