Rabobi, Rabobi

shoutOut on 12/2/10 by WolFox in

Rabobi ba ya gona Dr. Octopus left right iGreen Goblin uppercut KO one time.

Complete Xhosa theme

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Interesting factoid: The distressed texture was created by taking pictures of wood with a cellphone camera and manipulating the textures in Photoshop to ‘cut out’ from the image.


shoutBack on 4/6/10 by WolFox

hee hya hee hoo haa hoo hyee haa.

shoutBack on 4/5/10 by mikdog

Well done.. amazingness!

shoutBack on 3/5/10 by Danya

Nice one :) totally called this one (in my head :P)

shoutBack on 30/4/10 by Tu

Congrats boet nice win. I cant wait to get my very own Rabobi :)

shoutBack on 30/4/10 by DuncanBoxie

CONGRATS ON THE WIN GUYS!! Nice stuff!! :)

shoutBack on 30/4/10 by Zave

I am this t-shirt’s love child.

shoutBack on 30/4/10 by EranEyal

AWESOME sweet win dude - Well done!

It was really great to meet you in person and shoot the breeze the other night.

looking forward to catching up when I get back!


shoutBack on 30/4/10 by EranEyal

Congrats Wolfox!! Another awesome design from an awesome team!

shoutBack on 29/4/10 by amyabrahams

I often catch myself singing Rabobi. Here’s a Rabobi drum ‘n bass tune I asked my brother to make:

Rabobi Drum ‘n Bass MP3

More of his music here: DJ Rave Dave the Brave

shoutBack on 28/4/10 by mikdog