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Springleap Power Aug 9th, 20:51 talk_t

Reminds me far too much of Twinsaver tissues.
Brainy Aug 9th, 20:48 talk_t

I like the biological / science feel this has, it's differnet.
Springleap Grow... Aug 9th, 20:47 talk_t

Original, effective concept and well executed. Nice.
Panda love Aug 9th, 20:45 talk_t

Reminds me of a very old design on Springleap that had a panda and the words "Dont you think I'm cute?" underneath it. Does not work for me, I think it is too child like.
Springin ambigr... Aug 9th, 20:43 talk_t

Very nice concept, and I like the colours too, but it's just a little TOO illegible for me. I DO like it, it just does not work for this theme.
Springleap - Pe... Aug 9th, 20:42 talk_t

I like this concept as it reminds me of an online community - which is what Springleap is partially about - but something is missing, whether it's the shirt colour or lack visual excitment I'm not sure. I do however like where this could go with a little more application.
Springleap Frog Aug 9th, 20:40 talk_t

Totally agree with cloMO, and the frog has a 'child like' feel to it. I think there needs to be better execution of where and how the elements of the design are placed as well.
Tetris Aug 9th, 20:38 talk_t

Nice concept, just a little too busy for me personally. Definitely fot all those Tetris junkies out there, it has it's target market indeed.
King of Spade Aug 9th, 20:36 talk_t

Personally I do not understand how a design like this gets "approved" for the theme?? No slack to the designer - nice design - but does not abode by the themes subject at all.
Liftoff Aug 9th, 20:34 talk_t

I love how you've used the base colour of the shirt so effectively, and it lends itself nicely to the retro style colour pallette. Definitely one of the best designs submitted for theme comp IMO.
Thy wool be done Oct 1st 2008, 15:57 talk_t

It came accross as one of the better shirt colours for me to use on this design as I wanted te overall artwork to be a little muted, but perhaps its a little too muted? I suppose one would have to see it on all colour shirts, but out of the colour choices we have I would have definately stuck with this one. thanks guys
Strawberry Punch Oct 1st 2008, 15:52 talk_t

ya I figured it might be a summer tee!
Questions Oct 1st 2008, 15:49 word_up

Ok cool, that answers my question, thanks. The hand drawings sound pretty awesome! Another prob, the Markham gallery is very erratic at the moment. The gallery paging is not correct, and shirts that appear on page 2 sometimes show again on page 6, and then it says I've voted on all the designs when I haven’t even logged in. If it helps you guys I'm using Mozilla Firefox 2. Just thought I'd let you know so it gets rectified.
Questions Sep 26th 2008, 19:50 word_up

Just a quick one regarding the top 20 prizes. On the site it says you receive a limited edition poster of your design. Just wondering if you guys are still ganna send them? Just wanna know coz I've had 3 top 20's since the site was born, but haven't seen a poster so just wanted to double check. Thanks for an awesome opportunity to design!
all my friends Jul 2nd 2008, 21:20 talk_t

Would have been awesome to have each individual character on a seperate shirt, almost like a range of characters to collect each month?