The Kiss

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I know this is a very long explanation, but bear with me.

I’ve diverged quite a lot from the provided media pack, for what I think are very valid reasons. The Hansa brand is classy, but also aimed at younger people who would probably be very visually aware. With this in mind, a photographic pack-shot would look cheap - it would look like something the wearer got for free. Also, nothing says “I work at this bar” like a shirt branded with the name of a drink. Considering this,I decided to go with the idea that this should have the feel of an event shirt – as if it’s something you’d get at an awesome Hansa-sponsored party or concert.

I didn’t use the keyline logo because it’s far too light to be used on a shirt at that size - it would have to be about 15cm across to be recognised from any distance, especially in low-light nightclub conditions.

Text is modified from Futura bold condensed.


beautiful design - well done!!!

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fabulous congrats!!

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This one had WINNER written all over it since the get-go! Well done!

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Congratzz dude..i believe your design should be a winner when i saw it for first time. this is awesome design with perfect execution.congrat!

shoutBack on 10/6/11 by dewedhe

CONGRATS !!! Such a rocking design!!
@bleet - Remember to provide awesome comments & critique on the other designs & you may even win the monthly King of Comments comp! I’m sure $100 towards your indo trip could help ;)

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great craft !!

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@bleet: dude still one more Hansa winner to be announced next month ;)
You may get Indo money yet :D

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congrats dude!!

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Congrats!!! Love the design!!

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