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March 27 to April 15 2009

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Back from the MTV awards, BERGIE BAND launched their new EP last weekend behind the old dumpster in Point Road. Mike-o was smashing the cardboard boxes with great flair until his sticks broke, when he simply broke some more off a tree and carried on. Johann was plucking his box-bass in perfect rhythm to Queenie who was strumming away on her custom-made Castrol tin-can guitar. She was singing their latest hit single; ‘Cape Flat Cats’.

Catch Bergie Band live this Friday in Durban’s Industrial area behind the casino where the trucks park for the night.

Their latest album; ‘Train Surfing and Littering’ is an acoustic mix of Bergie music that doesn’t disappoint. The album starts off with Mike-o mumbling about whether the tape recorder is on, then we can hear Queenie and Johann dopping heavily in the background and hurling obscenities at each other, and then in the 3rd track they start jamming out with classics like ‘I’ll bite you with my 2 teeth’, ‘I defended your car against ninjas and zombies and all I get is R2.00?’ and ‘Just coz I’m a bergie doesn’t mean I can’t love you, baby’.

My personal highlight of the album is track 10 which features Queenie crooning a smooth ballad about how she lost her home in a township shack burning and lost her permit to play guitar at the V&A; Waterfront. Her emotions ran right up my spine and into the emotional centre in my brain.

Bergie Band will be going on tour throughout South Africa if they can find someone who’d be willing to lend them a bus. Mike-o says he can drive.

Be sure not to miss this talented threesome. Bookings through the guy who takes your parking ticket and puts it in the machine at major shopping centers nationwide.

Bergie Band - “Just because they’re bergies doesn’t mean they can’t rock the party.”

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Thanks bud ;)

shoutBack on 15/4/09 by mikdog

like the character! its so funny and rebellious

shoutBack on 14/4/09 by maqnuun

haha! the concepts are starting to really step up a notch! great thinking mikdog!

shoutBack on 14/4/09 by Eric

i love the concept but dont like the stars circling the band

shoutBack on 12/4/09 by lovos

Thanks bud.

shoutBack on 3/4/09 by mikdog

a classic

shoutBack on 3/4/09 by kingslip

I reely dig this mik. Cool concept. Love the font. ;)

shoutBack on 2/4/09 by souf

I had a dream last night that some guy I used to know was wearing this shirt. It looked AWESOME.

shoutBack on 1/4/09 by mikdog

ha ahaha , good stuff!

shoutBack on 30/3/09 by TheMaid

Classic Mikdog!

shoutBack on 30/3/09 by Hellspeak