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THIS DESIGN WAS INSPIRED BY A SONG FROM A BAND CALLED THRICE. THE SONG IS ALSO TITLED THE LION AND THE WOLF. this song is a metaphor. the wolf is temptation and the lion is the devil. the wolf lets the lion in at the end to rip open your flesh. they both want the same thing in the end which mean your soul. this is an adult lullaby meaning be careful who you let in your life. I CHOSE DARK COLORS AND A VERY ABSTRACT LOOK AND FEEL. THE LION AND WOLF SURROUND A ALL SEEING EYE AT THE CENTER OF THE PIECE,WHICH SYMBOLIZES YOUR SOUL AND AWARENESS. AT THE RIGHT AND LEFT EDGES LITTLE HIDDEN DEVILS ARE LURKING ABOUT. THIS SHIRT MEANT TO BE SUBJECTIVE, AND GIVE THE VIEWER LOTS TO LOOK AT!

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It’s like looking through a kaleidescope!

shoutBack 2 days, 17 hours ago by CathRon