Love Life, Live Positively!

Design by:

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Words by the designer:

To begin with I am impressed with the kind of work you do.

I saw the competition today and I would love to submit my design.

For many finding out that they are positive mean the end, it’s a change they feel the only thing to wait for is death.

However, through my design many will be made to see that they is hope. A hope of living positively especially for those who are infected, as for those who are not infected "Loving Life" would mean practicing safer sex and abstinence.

Many people stop 'Loving life" once told they are HIV positive. Through my logo design many who are affected and not infected will made to see the need to keep on loving those who are infected and really embrace them as a sign of support.

The Design:

The design is centered on the ribbon; from them I created the two people hugging each other.

The tow is hugging as a sign of support for each, one of the tow is infected while the other is not.

The two ribbons are also creating a heart signifying their love for life as they give care and support to each other.

The figures:

These show various activities in life which those who are infected can engage in.

 The woman figure positive outlook on life as they keep friend close, the top man figure a positive look to the future. And the other man figure calm relaxed and full of life despite being positive.


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