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August 2008

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Words by the designer:

Yes, haha very funny Panda-Monium, Get it?
Its a Pun Duh! there I go again, OK ill stop now.

I saw a sketch of a bear and I wondered what Tony Starks Childhood sketches would look like, and Im almost certain that If Ironman had a teddy bear, it would look like this.


One word………Buena!!!

shoutBack on 13/7/10 by AlexMercer

I dont feel that Springleap should have to scrutinize every design that comes through as if the artist is a criminal. Indeed you should have the integrity to not submit any design that are not your own. Adding colour does not equal an original design. The “shared experience” you speak of should first include you speaking to the original artist for permission to use their work and then, depending on the nature of the collaboration, share the profits of the win.

shoutBack on 12/7/10 by DuncanBoxie

Good point Jerry84.
Thanks for your perspective FoxyCleopatra.
I’ve been quibbling this topic with the people of springleap for years. And everytime someone brings up something new that I had never thought of before. I’m self taught (If you can call it that) so I don’t know “design rules” I don’t believe people should be allowed to patent a colour and I don’t see how a series of pixels can belong to someone, as if it were an aesthetic barcode. But all this being said, it looks like I’ve crossed the line, (several times) bordering on crosshatching. Maybe Springleap needs to monitor what I submit more closely. Ban the autotrace, Ban the vuvuzela, Ban the DaRKo.

shoutBack on 9/7/10 by DaRKo

Darko- Firstly: I think you are an awesome designer. You have a ton of your own creativity, so I suppose I don't get why you would lift someone else's design in the first place... Second: "Without the shared experience, it’s a lot less valuable"- that's just straight bs- hello, you are the one who is getting paid for the design PLUS royalties. I'm in agreement with you Jerry84- downright lack of respect. If you are so determined to share the experience, then you should punt the original creator to start off with- sharing art is awesome- that’s what Springleap is all about. But don’t go claiming it as your own- that’s plain uncool.
You’ve crossed a boundary in my opinion- and the only reason you’ve had to respond is because you got caught.
Don’t do it again man- you don’t have to- I’ve seen your other designs and you are an extremely talented guy.

shoutBack on 25/6/10 by FoxyCleopatra

That sounds like more of an excuse to me!

Art is a form of creation - and not only that - it is means to a livelihood. If there where no copyright laws protecting originators, there would be no reward/incentive for those creators whom dare to be ORIGINAL!

If your issue is with shared experience - why don’t you promote the originator of the art work yourself? - maybe take a leaf out the Springleap book - rather than replicate and attempt to claim your own originality!

Claiming original artwork as ones own without acknowledgment of the source at the very least is testament to weakness and lack of respect for fellow creators.


shoutBack on 25/6/10 by Jerry84

Copyright Law vs. Art As A Shared Experience

Mike Masnick of Techdirt writes,” …While people sit back and claim that remixing is “stealing” or “lazy” or “not art” at all, that’s totally missing the point. Art is not about just the creator. Without the shared experience, it’s a lot less valuable - and what we’ve done with copyright laws is make it that much more difficult to share that experience through our own eyes and our own cultural views. And if you don’t see the shame in that, then you’re missing a lot.”

“This clip from the documentary “Copyright Criminals” illustrates the point beautifully.”:http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2010/02/copyright-law-art-as-a-shared-experience.html

Heres the link to the original post just incase you were wanting to nail me for Plagiarism too.

shoutBack on 24/6/10 by DaRKo

And that’s why you don’t steal stuff you find on the internet. If you saw it, someone else has seen it too and will probably bust your thieving ass. Pity, cos i like some of your other stuff as well, but this puts suspicion on everything else you’ve submitted. Respect the work others have put into their designs - try to imagine how you would feel if someone used your idea to make money without your permission.

shoutBack on 10/6/10 by nicetomeetyou

Hey springleap people, I realise that you may take a bit of loss here, but I think you should stop selling this T-shirt. It’s the right thing to do.

shoutBack on 10/6/10 by alias

Wow- DaRKo - this really is beyond. I cannot believe how dishonest our journey has been with you.

When I created Springleap as a platform for the exposure and reward of original artists… I really didn’t see this level of dishonesty coming out.

Sigh. At least the community wisdom of crowdsourcing has not let us down.

Tu - this was only highlighted by BunnyMilk this year and the design was submitted in 2008.

So there really is not much we can do about it now :(

Grrrr… what a chop. Always is one twit spoiling it for everyone else.

LUCKILY we have amazing switched on artists who are authentic like you who are here to contantly take the community forward and set the bar for originality. Here’s a toast to all of you guys and gals who make Springleap the success it is.

HUZZAH! (Zoltan!)

shoutBack on 9/6/10 by EranEyal

BunnyMilk even mentioned the artist, and no-one saw it? The design’s pretty cool, but it’s a pretty blatant rip-off of a 2007 design. Darko you have lost ALL my respect.

shoutBack on 9/6/10 by Tu