Springleaper's journey v2

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Words by the designer:

An alternate colouring of Springleaper’s Journey :)

Every Springleaper shares a similar experience:

We all start as a sapling, that grows and encounters a trial by fire – then, LEAP-ing in leaps and bounds in experience and skillset – growing our own wings from the honing of said skills – and the eventual blast off that being a Springleaper brings. In a dust of magic awesomeness :)

Hope you enjoy it!


great works!

shoutBack on 27/5/11 by valeciata

PS : the bunnies F*&kin rock.

shoutBack on 17/8/10 by EranEyal

Definitely heading in the right direction here - Classic and classy tee design work from Tu as usual.

I think my one serious gripe is how hard it is to make out the Springleap logo

shoutBack on 17/8/10 by EranEyal

two of these as well?

shoutBack on 4/8/10 by claudiosworld

awesome..I like this..

shoutBack on 29/5/10 by jktskrg

I like it…maybe if the design was just shifted down a bit…

shoutBack on 2/5/10 by BabbleBrainiac

Great stuff Tu!! I’ll wear this Tee with pride! Love the design, really great colour collaboration. Good use of the bright colours. Just looks awesome! U have my vote!

shoutBack on 22/4/10 by Zave

Yeah dude these colours are much better

shoutBack on 17/4/10 by darnyill

Too much. Maybe I’m a minimalist, but the colours are a bit overwhelming

shoutBack on 5/4/10 by MOX

Very cool work! I love the bunnies - perhaps this is the shape of the Springleap Mascot to come! - I think the SPRINGLEAP needs to be clearer for it to be an official brand tee tho

shoutBack on 31/3/10 by EranEyal