The Traveling Band from Antartica

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Blue Bean sprint competition 2010

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The Emperor Sextet are going to travel everywhere to bring you the coolest music. Demand them in you city! :D

I had some fun making this design..I hope you like it :D


Hahahahaha, now thats lovely!

shoutBack on 30/8/11 by UncleHani

thanks again for the likes :D
Duncan, chucky, qim, freeagent, eran and all who voted :D happy holidays to you guys!! :D

shoutBack on 19/12/10 by zerobriant

if you want to see a bigger file of this design please click here

shoutBack on 19/12/10 by zerobriant

BWAHAHAHA…this is so damn funny dude.
Lovin it loads!
Poor penguin at the back, bet he regrets taking up piano…but I’m sure he still gets chicks :P (Moohahha)

shoutBack on 17/12/10 by DuncanBoxie

awesome tee! the penguin carrying the piano, hehe :)

shoutBack on 16/12/10 by CHUCKY

cool idea.cool band! =)
i really like the one that is carrying the piano behind.=D

shoutBack on 16/12/10 by Qimstudio

Fresh from Antarctica! I wonder what’s the music there.. Great work Boss!

shoutBack on 15/12/10 by freeagent08

lol. Ebony and Ice. The new blues brothers.

shoutBack on 15/12/10 by EranEyal

yes its up!! :D hope you likey!! :D

shoutBack on 15/12/10 by zerobriant