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September 2008

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A new tipe of character I have been messing around with. Thought it might look good on a t shirt.

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shoutBack on 14/12/09 by SceneKid

I just checked out the new winning design! Woah, I totally love this design! It reminds me of The Truman Show! Great concept that…

shoutBack on 16/3/09 by Dinxster

@ sasquatchsports. Well, glad there were less people who shared you opinion.

@blue. Yea, I suppose it could work without the question mark as well. I just felt it needed it. :)

shoutBack on 8/10/08 by snargo

hmmm…i really thought there were stronger entries than this last month

shoutBack on 8/10/08 by sasquatchsports

me likes

the only issue I have with the design is the question mark,just doesnt do it for me and takes a little away from the whole image.

on the whole,awesome work

shoutBack on 29/9/08 by blue

No particular reason. I started using it as an alias years ago and its stuck since then. :P

shoutBack on 27/9/08 by snargo

WHAOOOOO!!! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME - this is an AMAZING design snargo!

Hey btw - why snargo?

shoutBack on 26/9/08 by AndyTee

Thanks. Glad you all like it. :)

shoutBack on 23/9/08 by snargo

I was pretty amused by this one!
Stunning pic.
Good job.

shoutBack on 18/9/08 by Lokololly

dude i was like Whaaaaaaaaaaat
Real NIce

shoutBack on 13/9/08 by steinei