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W.I.P-The Curse Jan 22nd, 14:33 peeps

great work Qim!
Artist Profile:... Jan 22nd, 10:56 peeps

!! !! !!
New competition... Jan 22nd, 10:14 word_up

*@snargo* hi snargo - the competition will be driven by the theme:) some themes are more open where as others are more specific like our current one. Go check it out: "Faces of Africa.":
Lonely bird Jan 21st, 10:36 talk_t

*@simmichel* yip Qimstudio is right. its under 7 colours - these only a problem if there is halftones.
W.I.P-The Curse Jan 20th, 11:54 peeps

*I've inserted the image for Qimstudio guys!!* this is great are you entering it 35 nations of football? !!
W.I.P-The Curse Jan 20th, 11:53 peeps

You just need to put excalmations marks on each side of the image url. like this !htt://!
New Themed T-sh... Jan 19th, 16:57 word_up

*@kingslip* you must have one at least one competition to enter your designs - you can also resubmit previous designs that didnt make it before!
New Themed T-sh... Jan 18th, 12:19 word_up

*@Qimstudio @dylanwyndhamjones* Im sure you guys we be able to submit to the next Battle of the Best:) *@suburbanhijinx* just submit your previous winnings - so it shouldnt take too long. springleap makes it sooo easy:):)
Questions Jan 18th, 12:14 word_up

*@schlinky* Drop springleap a mail mehul[at] and we'll try sort you out. *@visualmaker* Unfortunately not – designs cannot be resubmitted for the same competition. the colour scheme for upsidown look great through:) *@TheWheelerBrothers* LOL
STAYIN ALIVE Jan 18th, 12:07 talk_t

@suburbanhijinx - replied "here": :)
can i post my W... Jan 18th, 12:01 peeps

We deifinitly get alot of comments on blogs - so give it a shot! you never know you could start a new trend on springleap!
Alice (No Chains) Jan 18th, 11:59 talk_t

@Qimstudio definitly see an anime look too @voodoochild love the colours!
Check out these... Jan 15th, 16:20 peeps

Whoa! So cool!!!
Down the rabbit... Jan 15th, 14:47 talk_t

awesome - love that your rabbit holes in a tree!
Who Shot Alice? Jan 15th, 14:42 talk_t

the concept is very cool. i think if you'd gone all out and used the same disney colours and then made just the crazy elements your own bright colours - the idea would have come across clearer