New competition format

shoutOut on 30/11/08 by EranEyal in wordUp

From the 1st January 2009, the main Springleap competition is now fortnightly rather than monthly.

The main change is that there is ONLY 1 WINNER every 2 weeks.

All the details are on the prize page.

If you have any questions ask below.


I am Shyam rao D Webdesigner From india

shoutBack on 14/5/10 by shyam

@snargo hi snargo - the competition will be driven by the theme:) some themes are more open where as others are more specific like our current one.

Go check it out: Faces of Africa.

shoutBack on 22/1/10 by RoxzyLok

Hi. I would like to know if the competitions will still be driven by a theme or will we be able to submit what we want?

shoutBack on 21/1/10 by snargo

im new here! is there a colour limit or i just create whatever i want and submit? a required type of format??

shoutBack on 6/1/10 by fantome

Hi everyone

Please be aware that the 90 day rule has fallen away - the terms and condition sheet will soon be updated

*MOST IMPORTANT : * If you are not the winner in the competition you entered into, the rights to your design revert back to you immediately but the design cannot be removed from Springleap.com pages once the competition has closed - however we have no right to use the design.

shoutBack on 15/6/09 by EranEyal

since there’s only one winner per contest every two weeks, do the 90 days still apply on non winning designs?

shoutBack on 14/6/09 by smoking

heya Diamind

you should have got an email soon after the announcement letting u know and instructions and congrats etc.

i’ll check to see if it was sent and check your spam folder in case it went there.

shoutBack on 31/5/09 by Eric

I won this months contest but still havent got n email with instructions etc. :(

shoutBack on 30/5/09 by diamind

heya guys. once the printing is totally up to date, (in about 3 weeks time) we’ll start thinking about new and exciting ways to spice things up.

@ill - i answered your questions on the questions forum

shoutBack on 2/4/09 by Eric

Yeah that’s exactly what I said from the beginning… And it’s only natural, when there’s only going to be one winner, people will only submit one, their best at the moment. Anymore work/submission will only be wasted cos there can only be one winner…

shoutBack on 2/4/09 by Tu