Attention designers- Colour variations!!!

shoutOut on 2/8/10 by Danya in peeps

Hey there designers!

How about you suggest different colour variations for your designs? We don’t mean change the colours of your actual designs, but rather give the Springleap community a preview of your design on a different colour Tee. That way, we can preview how your design would work on a particular colour before we buy.

So here’s what you have to do:

Click on the “Spotted this design banner” on the right of your design and upload a colour variation – it will now show up there as an option.
If you’d like to see exactly what we mean, follow this link as an example

Check this out for more information on our new template kit

Cheers Springleapers and happy designing!

The Springleap team


Yep, this is a great way to get some meaningful feedback.
Stick a few variations up and it may even boost your chances…or of course give u some good ideas for a re-submission.

shoutBack on 2/8/10 by DuncanBoxie