Battle of the Best 2011 - COMING SOON

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Greetings Springleapers,

It happens but once a year at Springleap.com!

Battle of the Best is our ultimate design compo….there is no mercy, no quarter given, no wet wipes, no military grade morphine. There is only DESIGN COMBAT! :D

Every time this massively popular design competition rolls through it leaves our voters shaking ecstatically from complete design overload. This is when the hardcore designers come together to kick some serious design butt and illustrate exactly why they are worthy of being our designer of the year.

I suppose you could say that Battle of the Best is our equivalent of the Academy Awards.
Entering its 3rd year we expect to see even more amazing designs, as our ranks of elite designers swelled to all new heights this year.

Basically the only criteria to enter this competition is that you have won on Springleap.com
Yep that’s right, this is ONLY open to our past winners! It doesn’t matter if you have not won a competition during 2011, once you become a Springleap winner you are nominated for life.

There will be an extra chunky pot of prize money for our lucky winner…and maybe something else too ;)

The man to watch this year is none other than design maestro Sebasebi. This immensely talented designer has won both of our past Battle of the Best compos (Mr. Cosmos and Modern art in your shirt). That’s just totally crazy right? Wow, you don’t wanna mess with this designer…he will take you down, hehe!

If Sebasebi’s Sailing on a Lotus Flower is any indication of his readiness to defend his title, we would have to say that he is prepared, fresh and ready to burst out of his corner swinging.

Most of our past winners should know that Battle of the Best is coming up. So there is no better time for eligible designers to start pondering about the perfect design than right now. This will be an ‘Open Theme’ style design, which means designers will be able to submit anything they like. Time to go absolutely nuts and experiment to your heart’s content!

Obviously as the time draws nearer I will do an official posting and contact all of our winning designers.

Let’s make this the finest Battle of the Best EVER!!!

Take a look at these examples of past submissions below. You will then have a better idea of the 'bar' that our designers must reach, before they can claim the title.


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