Christmas fonts

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Jingle bells, Christmas trees, stockings jammed with sweets, cooking turkey in the Weber, crackers with corny jokes, morning surf, 30 degrees in the shade, action figures, lying in wait for Santa …with a broom stick :P

This pretty much sums up what Christmas like for me growing up in Durbs .
I’m not the biggest Christmas nut out there, but I so like the spirit of giving to those you love and those in need , coming together and sharing with family and friends. It should be an uplifting time…although we know how “National Lampoons” things can get at the drop of a Santa hat .
I still think we should celebrate these crazy moments as well….we are human after all hehe.

All you designers out there are no doubt getting into the Christmas vibe and have started throwing together Festive designs for yourselves or for work.
I stumbled across a site that has a small collection of Christmas fonts that may come in handy over the next few weeks.

You may be saying “Duncan be serious , like I’m gonna need these stupid Christmas fonts”, but trust me once you have downloaded them and they are sitting in your library, chances are you will use them PLENTY!

Below I have put together a few more examples of the Christmas fonts.
Let me know if you would like more , I’m sure I can scrounge around and find a few more on the vast infosplosion that is the internet lol.

Have fun!



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