Corporate printing - Core Apple iStore t-shirts

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Apple products are slowly taking over the world!

It seems that very few members of the tech-savvy crowd are not influenced by this ground breaking brand in some way or another.

Personally I have one of the older Apple 30gig iPods , the ones with the colour screens, this thing is like my baby . If I ever lost it I would probably cry and be mean spirited for at least 48hrs, hehe.

When we were asked to do the corporate printing job for Core , we were very excited .

For those of you who don’t know, Core is an authorised distributor for the latest and greatest Apple products. These guys are mega-passionate about finding the very best in consumer technology and bringing it direct to you or your business .
Now that is POWER!

Basically Core takes high-quality brands and makes them their own, which is why they call themselves “full-service brand custodians”.

This slick one colour job was a pleasure to put together and we know that it will look great on their Apple iStore team members .

We had to laugh at the copy for this job, “ An Apple a day keeps the IT guy away”.

Want to know more about Core? Why not visit their website here .

We have all sorts of screen printing solutions for your company. We also have access to some amazing State-of-the-Art Digital Printing solutions that allow you to print photographic images on garments. (AMAZING!)

No matter the client or the turnaround, we will do whatever we can to get the job done perfectly!

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It’s an awesome feeling when I walk into all the Apple iStores across South Africa and see the Apple, Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone guys and gals wearing our t-shirts we made for them! even cooler is sometimes hearing an Apple product fan ask if they can buy one :P

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