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shoutOut on 4/11/10 by DuncanBoxie in peeps

It seems that more and more of our designers are discovering the merits of adding effects to their design submissions!

Perhaps one of the most common , yet effective techniques, is that of distressing designs.
The distressed style adds a whole new element to a design, which transcends it from a flat artwork to something with depth and feeling.

Haha ok I’m not gonna break out into some new-age futurist rant….but, truth be told, the distressed style has much to offer!
This is why I have added a link to a distressed tutorial , which I found extremely useful and easy to follow. Often these tutorials can be long winded and full of BLAHBLAHBLAH , but I must take my hat off to Computer Arts online for a slick distressed tutorial.

Click HERE to go to the posting, scroll to the bottom and you will find not only the tutorial, but also support files to help you on your way.

This distressed tutorial is going to up your game , I promise you that!
Just look around at’s more recent designs and see how effective this style can be.

There is no better example than the awe-inspiring Illuminati Propaganda design by SUBURBANHIJINX.

Enjoy , and let me know how things turn out ;)

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