shoutOut on 21/10/11 by DuncanBoxie in wordUp

Hi there Springleapers,

I just wanted to do a quick posting related to the specifications needed for sending through final artwork when you win one of our contests.

Specifications are different from site to site, so best to arm yourself with the correct details.

This is what Springleap.com needs from you:

Your artwork must be sent through in the following formats - psd, ai, fls, or fh format

These are the only files we accept, please do not send through any tifs and jpegs.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT, but we need you to send through your designs in CMYK. Ensure that you check that your designs are not being set as RGB when they come through to us.

RGB light is very intense as its intended for screen, while CMYK is pigment intended for print. The result of converting to CMYK from our side means that it doesn’t appear exactly as the artist intended. We would then have to select colors from our side to make it match as closely as possible. I’m sure the designers would rather send through their exact color values ;)

We can replicate it pretty closely, but it will never be perfect!

If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a mail – Duncan [at] springleap [dot] com

Happy designing!


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