Illustrator brushes

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So what exactly are Illustrator brushes?

Well guys and girls, brushes are one of the most powerful tools in a digital artists arsenal.
At first I was rather lackadaisical about the use of brushes and discounted them almost altogether. However, after I woke up (just slightly) I realised just how important it is to know about how to make brushes work for you.

You will no doubt already be familiar with the standard brushes in Illustrator. When you click on your brush tool you will be able to select all the stock standard brushes that come with the program. But, this is just the beginning of a journey that can easily descend into an all out obsession.

Imagine being able to click through just about every conceivable artistic medium in a matter of seconds. No matter if it’s a chalk effect you are after, or perhaps a thick Japanese paint brush, they are all available online. Don’t think that you will have to shell out for these brushes. While the best of the best brush packs may be expensive, there are still thousand upon thousand of FREE brushes available for download.
Many artists think that a standard brush, with varying size and density, can achieve just about any effect*….wrong. There are some Illustrator brushes that are so *specific and unique, that it would be almost impossible to achieve the same effect with a standard brush. You could of course create your own Illustrator brushes, but let’s face it, not many of us have that kinda free time.

For now I have decided to give you a link to a huge cache of FREE Illustrator brushes and also attached an inspirational video, which uses the highly popular bristle brush.
It’s awesome!!!!

Do you have any awesome links to Illustrator brushes? Please send through the link and I will check them out and add the good stuff.



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