Metallica 30th Anniversary - 4 New Songs

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Metallica is and always will be one of my top bands of all time!

I grew up listening to Metallica’s heavy metal masterpieces. Moshing about, causing damage (usually to myself), making my parents hair go grey at a frightening rate....this was pretty much my childhood.

Metallica have just celebrated their 30th year together, making this a very important year for them.
There are few heavy metal bands from the ‘old days’ that are still around today and still rocking as hard as these guys do!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion the band played 4 huge concerts in their hometown of San Francisco. James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo rocked the crowds with a range of sets which took fans through a whirlwind journey of the past 30 years. They even had insanely cool special guests such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Faith No More. However, perhaps the most nostalgic and mosh-worthy appearance was none other than Metallica’s original guitarist, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth fame.

What made these concerts even more special was the fact that they performed 4 previously unreleased songs, one for each gig!
The songs were recorded when they were putting together their most recent studio album, Death Magnetic. The tracks are now available online for purchase.

Here are the new Metallica tracks in all their glory - Hate Train, Just a Bullet Away, Hell and Back and Rebel of Babylon:

SO what did you think? Was it your cup of tea and would you classify this as a more ‘new school Metallica’?
Just a Bullet Away was definitely my favourite track of the four. I loved the slow instrumental around the middle, the pounding build up and the fierce lead guitar.
Which track did you like the most?

Personally I’m EXTRA stoked that Metallica is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year, because I celebrate my 30th birthday in a few days time myself!
Hehe, seems I was born in a good year…when the heavy metal energy was reaching its zenith.

Happy anniversary guys...keep rocking!


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