Miguel Endara - Stippling ink art

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Now here is some amazing art that will make you go dotty!

Put your hands together for ink art ‘stippling’ guru Miguel Endara.

The art of stippling is when you create a design by painstakingly ‘dotting’ a page using an ink pen. This is a design style that is most certainly not for the impatient types, it takes hours upon hours to achieve an effect that looks even half decent. Thats right boys and girls, the designs you see here are not sketched...they are dotted (stippled).

Stippling is by no means a ‘new ink art’ technique. Heck, I’m sure most of us have made a rudimentary attempt at stippling in art class, or randomly when we are doodling at home.
However, there seems to be a definite resurgence in the style by artists who mean business and who take on very high-difficulty projects…like our man Miguel!

The design that has been created in this video is entitled "Hero" and features the face of Miguel’s father. How many dots did it take Miguel to create this piece? Try a mind-boggling 3.2 million ink dots (closer to an exact number of 3,213,000).
The entire process took him 210 hours, with a dot rate of around 4.25 dots per second.

The first time I saw the art of stippling done on any form of technical level was a good ten years ago, by my cousin’s best friend. She had also created a face using stippling for her buddies birthday and I was pretty impressed.
To speak honestly, and I mean no offence to her, but Miguel Endara’s Hero design is on a whole different level and has revitalized my interest in stippling!

I would love to see stippling used to create an awesome t-shirt design on
Now that I think about it, what would be an easier technique – stippling on paper and then scanning, or stippling directly onto a tablet?
Shame maybe this would be too abusive for a tablet….it would hate you afterwards :P

Just in case you are interested Miguel not only created the design, but he also put together the video, which I thoroughly enjoyed watching….nicely done sir!
The music he used was also really cool: Noctuary by Bonobo

If you would like to see more design from the nimble hand of Miguel Endara, please cruise across to his website.

I highly suggest that you do, becuase you can really zoom in nicely and see all the crazy dottery ;)

Get stippling :D


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