modern art in your shirt

shoutOut on 27/1/11 by sebasebi in

2 colors on white shirt.
Hope you like it!

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I agree with Duncan, there is something very Bansky about it. The rawness of it all.

Good job Seba

shoutBack on 1/2/11 by amyabrahams

BAAAAM~! And there you have it! My favourite right there!
Love it Seb!!

shoutBack on 31/1/11 by SmithMachine

thats a wow! awesome art there!

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shoutBack on 28/1/11 by sebasebi

love it!!!

shoutBack on 28/1/11 by acme

awesome idea!

shoutBack on 28/1/11 by ged

Awesome design :)
This is like the sister design of your “own heaven”!

shoutBack on 28/1/11 by CHUCKY

this is really nice, there’s not many designs that slap onto white well and this one does the job lusciously, dig it

shoutBack on 28/1/11 by DustyRich

DUUUUUUUDE can you say insane.
This is bursting with design might!
Kinda makes me think of Banksy even :)

shoutBack on 27/1/11 by DuncanBoxie