Monday design inspiration: Tiago Hoisel

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Tiago Hoisel is an artistic dynamo!

This insanely talented designer began his professional career after graduating from the University of Estado da Bahia in graphic design. Ever since then his skills have increased exponentially with a transition into the world of digital design which has amplified his power to new heights of awesome! He has now been smashing the norms of the design world for a good 5 years.
While I suppose this may not seem like a very long time for some, it is obvious that he is one of these geniuses that are not confined by the pathetic human concept of time, hehe.

Tiago was born in Salvador and grew up in a relatively sleepy little town called Ilhéus. He worked as an illustrator at an image retouching studio back in 2008 but has subsequently moved to São Paulo, where he runs his own studio together with 4 elite design partners, who are reshaping the world of illustration as we know it, one sexy pixel at a time!

It seems that his main weapon of choice is Adobe Photoshop. He employs this mighty piece of software to full benefit by making use of its amazing brushes. This allows him to create a more vivid and striking final product.

You will no doubt see that his illustrations are full of their own unique humour. Tiago Hoisel is a designer who has the ability to take even a cartoon character and bring out its own innate ‘realness’! He creates his own weird and wonderful style that borders on both the world of realism and surreal. Tiago is very much in-tune with the world around him and takes much of his inspiration from his surroundings and the people he meets. Even the madness of his dreams finds its way into the real world and is conjured to life through masterful illustration.

I’m beyond blown away by this guy!
I take my hat off to this dude and I look forward to seeing how his skills evolve.

If you would like to see more of Tiago Hoisel’s fantastic artwork please visit his website and Techno Image page…you will not be sorry!



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