Springleap Overtone - Distribution & Band Special

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Get your ROCK ON!!!

Do you have a band/music group that is looking to pump their publicity?
If your answer is “yes”, then you better keep reading! ;)

Springleap.com has teamed up with Overtone to bring you a special which will help get your band a fresh injection of publicity.

Overtone is well respected as one of the best portals to the entertainment industry. If something awesome is going down, or there is somebody making waves in the music world, these guys will know all about it!

Not only is Overtone your best resource for entertainment, but they also now offer their very own 'Worldwide Digital Music Distribution' via their distribution partner iMusician.

Simply create a FREE account and you will be able to distribute your music all around the world, get massive exposure and make some serious cash! You can easily track your online sales and receive your sales with just one click.
How insanely radical is that!
Register now with this unique code: SPRINGTONE

Springleap is adding to the awesomeness by giving massive discounted rates on all band merchandise printing, as well as distribution via ecommerce.
You can either supply us with your artwork, or source amazing design through our platform which you can then use for your merchandise (obviously sourcing design will cost a little more).

This super-cool special is valid before: 1 December 2021

If you are interested, please contact Catherine and she will get you sorted right away:
catherine [at] springleap [dot] com

Let Springleap and Overtone power up your band and get you rocketing towards the BIG TIME!


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