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own heaven - Thumbnail own heaven by sebasebi

Everything is very easy
if you got your own heaven.

Own Heaven design interview with sebasebi by DuncanBoxie

Sebasebi is a name that is associated with quality and design brilliance on
This time around was no different, as his Own Heaven design took his reputation to new heights.

1. What were you thinking when you first started the design?

I had the idea to create an image inside of rectangles, on different planes. So I started to work, until the rectangles became posters, but did not know what to put in them. Then I remembered a song from a local band that says, “Everything is easier if you have your own heaven.” So I made mine.

2. Do you think you will be able to create your own personal heaven when you pass on?

“All wea are is energy”, hahaha…

3. How long did it take you to complete your piece?

A week, but not every day working on it.

4. Why did you decide to use a child for the design and not an adult?

I think that children have a innocence, as adults we have lost this quality (some more than others).
I mean, a child can create his own heaven, and put it into whatever he wants.
An adult does not have time for that, or thinks that it is a waste of time, which is worse.

5. This design seems slightly different from your normal style, were you trying something new?

Yes, I always try to do something new, in style and ideas, and the idea was very different to the final design itself.

6. Do you feel that Own Heaven can be applied across many levels, religious, mental, physical…etc?

The work is there, every one takes it and interprets it by applying their own meaning to it.

7. Who would you like to see wearing this design most?

To everyone who wants to have their own heaven, because this design also speaks of freedom, to create all the time, and it’s OK to have that childlike innocence which I mentioned before.

8. This design is very optimistic, do you think your life at the moment reflected this?

Yes, completely.

9. Have you considered doing an exhibition in SA?

Wow, not really, think it is too much.
but, have you considered? hahaha

10. Thinking back would you have tried a different colour variation?

In grey maybe.

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Hehe yeah we would love to see you in South Africa man!

I’m glad you decided to go for a white t-shirt…looks way impressive :)

shoutBack on 14/9/10 by DuncanBoxie