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June 2008

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Words by the designer:

AFROLUTION”. I was surfing the net the other day and came across the evolution of man and wondered what the evolution of an afro would look like……well, this is my version of what an afrolution would be like. Peace


Glad to say we have reprinted Afrolution so they are available now on our 5th generation T-shirt, in Power Yellow and Sky blue (but in VERY limited quantities).

You can also find them at African Trading Posts too!

They’re printed with water-based inks so expect _a super-soft handle _

shoutBack on 3/4/10 by EranEyal

Please please please reprint! :)

shoutBack on 16/9/09 by kellyhook

i have realy evolved into a true afro no lies i want 1 lol

shoutBack on 2/3/09 by ASHN1KING1


shoutBack on 28/10/08 by IntegralApparel

I dig the symbol - furthest on right - and would have that only with the ‘afrolution’ below… I get your concept and it’s cool, but what with all the icons I just feel all the strength of that symbol is lost. I’ll buy one with symbol only - large - and nothing - nada - above, below or to either sides. Picky hey.

shoutBack on 28/10/08 by fusion01

Hi, are u interested in sending a few up to Norway?

shoutBack on 16/8/08 by Verniegirl

Thanx Jade. Didn’t expect this to make but it did. Thanx to all who voted for me last month, much appreciated.

shoutBack on 2/7/08 by souf

Yay Souf!! Well done, I gave you a 5 & was crossing fingers!
Love it Love it… Ill be wearing my fro Tee as soon as I have it in my hands! congrats very cool SA design.

shoutBack on 1/7/08 by Jade

Well DuncanB, the twirly whirlies is just an design element. I know its got nothing to do with funk and all, but I just needed a link between the hair growing and the type. It’s like a seed growing into a nice, beautiful tree.

Jade, I’m pleased that you like this design. Much love and respect.

Dusty, where do you stay?

shoutBack on 6/6/08 by souf

Clever design, could have left out one of the heads.
Not sure how the twirly whirlies on the text tie up with the funk scene either.

shoutBack on 5/6/08 by DuncanBoxie