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Vcalahan: French design maestro with vcalahan by DuncanBoxie

Vcalahan has blown away the community with his hilarious concepts and breathtakingly intricate designs. This is a designer who will undoubtedly win again and again on Springleap!

1. Tell us more about yourself and your family, have you always lived in the same place or moved around a lot?

Well, I’m happily living with my dame and our happy little daughter, in France . I spent most of my childhood in London & Calgary ,
and have traveled a bit, not to South Africa yet, but if you pay the ticket, I’ll be there tomorrow!! ;^D

2. Your winning design, Killer rabbit, is heavily inspired by Monthy Python. Are you a big fan, whats your favorite Monty movie?

No it’s not! Is it? You’re absolutely right, I’m a huge fan of theirs, kinda grew up with them and actually they are one out of very few things that make me laugh myself out. I recently
saw “Almost the truth” (The Lawyers Cut), a 2009 six part series on them that I strongly advise to any Python lover! Of course I love Holy Grail or The Life of Brian but I also love
their show, The Flying Circus , that was running on the BBC… Just one for the road

3. How did you get into the world of art and where did you hone your mega intricate style?

Actually I work as a freelance designer (under my secret I.D.) and I’m mainly doing poster art and other promotion material for movies , but also other classic stuff like logos, brochures etc.
Then… I discovered T-design in 2009 and started “making stuff”, it’s like a recreation from my ordinary line of work, but I’d love it to be more than that.
I can’t say I have a particular style, maybe that’s due to my job… Usually, when an idea comes along, I see it with a certain style, like ‘this should look like a vintage thing, a cartoon, whatever…’
and then try to get as close enough to that specific style by any means necessary, might it be illo., collage, mixing both.
For the Killer Rabbit , I wanted something that would be classic yet offbeat. What’s more classic than a old engraving (I’m a admirer of engravers like Gustave Doré or Sir John Teniel - among others),
and mixing it with the Python’s killer Rabbit in a new epic picture seemed a good idea.

4. What tips can you give aspiring artists who are trying to create more intricately illustrated designs?

Not sure I’m good at that… The main secret is patience, sweat and foremost… pleasure and fun! And again, the style doesn’t matter so much, you have huge designers who just doodle and yet it’s so damn brilliant!

5. Who is your design hero?

So many…Crumb, Moebius, John Heartfield, the Pythons, Ralph Steadman, Hugo Pratt, Alberto Breccia, Chris Ware, Warhol, Rauschenberg, Peter Beard, Jacques Tardi, Frank Miller, Hergé, Gustave Doré, Basquiat, life etc………they all inspire me in a way or another


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