Live This Life

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Markham 2008

Words by the designer:

The brief said “the idea behind springleap is that of empowerment and uplifting”.

What could be more uplifting than the feeling of strength and glory as you spread your wings, knowing that you have the ability to conquer anything if you set your mind to it.

I do feel empowered when I look at this design. His stance creates an impression of empowerment and liberation and his wings create a paragon of virtue and a sense of uplifting.

As he looks to the Heavens, his eye passes the Markham’s logo. If people associate this image of “empowerment and uplifting” with Markham’s then that would be beneficial to their brand recognition.


Who won the Markhams II competition? Was it me?

shoutBack on 13/4/09 by DaRKo

Heya Integral

The Markham compo was open to SA peeps only as part of the prize was vouchers for their stores.

Most of the competitions we will be hosting will be open to international Springleaping men and women of mytery and deign as well

shoutBack on 12/2/09 by EranEyal

Any chance that you can open this contest up to the American designers? I feel left out on these..wahh!

shoutBack on 12/2/09 by IntegralApparel

What a strong pose! Like the South African Feel, well done Bean!

Good on you, Congrats, I am sure lotsa a good things coming your way!!

shoutBack on 3/11/08 by Jade

Thank you so much to the Springleap Team and to the people that voted for my design. I am obviously very flattered and very grateful.
I’d like to say congratulations to the runners-up, I was competing against some very cool designs.

Thanks again,

Nic aka Bean.


shoutBack on 2/11/08 by bean

Hi Springleapers

I am sure that you have noticed that even though this t-shirt design was the winner it is not for sale - It is not for sale via Springleap.com and we will update you shortly as to what the design will be used for and if so, where it may be gotten :)

Stay tuned!

shoutBack on 1/11/08 by EranEyal

A *Hearty WELL DONE!!!” to bean who won the Markham T-shirt Design contest - read more here

shoutBack on 1/11/08 by EranEyal

Great use of autotrace and stock vectors. Says a lot for the South African design industry.

shoutBack on 1/11/08 by DaRKo

Yo bean. Iz flippin love this man. nice one

shoutBack on 20/10/08 by souf

Great use of vectors..

shoutBack on 14/10/08 by IntegralApparel