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Evolution of the console

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The evolution of the console, starting with the Atari, ending with the ps3.

Decided to use a pattern in the end, cause one straight line was a bit boring.

4 colours

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Hey everyone, thanks for the comments and suggestions. I’ll keep it in mind for future projects

shoutBack on 16/7/10 by dylanwyndhamjones

this is SICK! but that grey is killing it for me. y dnt u try it on black? if its allowed

shoutBack on 14/7/10 by INYOURFACE

I do love this T-shirt. Colours work very well. However, it’s a bit repetitive without purpose, which I think would look great on the entire garment but is not feasible in this case.
So I would take Duncans advice. Play with the space more- stay away from the square format. It is a Design Killer!

shoutBack on 13/7/10 by cloMO

Freaking rad!!!

Love this all the wayyyyy

I like this version - but would like it with the changes Duncan suggested as well

Enter them again

shoutBack on 12/7/10 by claudiosworld

Like the design.
My only suggestion is that the design be less spread out and consolidated in the centre with just the key elements,
Or perhaps laid out all the different consoles in the shape of a video game console/famous character.

shoutBack on 9/7/10 by DuncanBoxie


This is super awesome!

shoutBack on 8/7/10 by wednesdayloves