After Dark

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My entry for the Stepdog contest! An eerie and melancholic 4 color design… Hope you like it!


Thx Duncan! Well, I’m not fluent, but I did feel there was something about girls in their songs, you know, the girl…, the one that’s gone, the one that might go, the one you need or that you love to hate… or would love to love, so I went for that girl…but at the end it might come to…nice…but no dogs! Yet I’m personally living with two at home and quite happy about it! Girls I mean. ;^D Cheers!

shoutBack on 20/5/11 by vcalahan

“no dogs”: that made me lol ;)

In my opinion I think this relates well to the theme and the band. You went with one of their songs and made it work!

shoutBack on 20/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

thx! And concerning relevancy, why? cause no dogs? maybe…yet, I’ll leave that to the voters the jury and the band… ;^)

shoutBack on 19/5/11 by vcalahan

great artwork, stunning color! but not relevant enough for a band tee especially Stepdog.

shoutBack on 19/5/11 by janih

Thx MArs! Last day for votes!

shoutBack on 18/5/11 by vcalahan

Original but lower looks maybe the best.
So pretty!!!!

shoutBack on 13/5/11 by Mars

shoutBack on 12/5/11 by vcalahan

could you a version with the stepdog logo in pink?for me the one you submitted is the good one ;-)))

shoutBack on 11/5/11 by kharmazero

Ok, done, variations can be seen here!

shoutBack on 11/5/11 by vcalahan

Thx a lot for the nice words. If I get the time today I’ll create a post with slightly modified versions, so those who’d like to see them can check ‘em out. Cheers!

shoutBack on 11/5/11 by vcalahan