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July 2008

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Words by the designer:

One night when I was up till the early hours of the morning finishing some work, all I could think of were these damn ink molecules dancing around like maniacs so I decided to make a design about these guys. Now every time I look at print work I imagine these characters to be throwing a party on every DPI!


I absolutely LOVE that after all the negativity, this design still ended up in the top twenty.

Very well done Simon :)

shoutBack on 5/8/08 by SilverSabre

crazy little critters…

shoutBack on 29/7/08 by Topgun

I would definately buy this and wear it all the time! Brilliant!!! When can I get one!

shoutBack on 29/7/08 by LadyDelirium

Funny stuff

shoutBack on 28/7/08 by tay

Guys - If I were the creator of RGB, I would totally take this as a MASSIVE compliment - Simon may have or may have not been influenced by that design and that is quite irrelevant.

If a musician hears a riff that sounds incredible and it puts a twist on his own work without reaaally ripping that riff off - that is to say the technique or implementation has taught the musician something about the WAY THAT HE ALREADY PLAYS, that is one of the greatest compliments for the originator of that riff.

I think that even if the theme is similar this is a totally different and fresh outlook.

Personally this is one of my faves. Book me one Jeeves.

Simon - Maximum respest to you - your tshirt designs have leaped so far ahead in such a short space of time that it really blows me away.


shoutBack on 4/7/08 by EranEyal

Just so that you all know - there is absolutely nothing in this design that constitutes plagorism - and no copyright infringement has been done here… no one is going to get in trouble here…. so take a deep breath guys….

shoutBack on 3/7/08 by angelovmyn

My idea for this design was not at all based on the RGB one and in fact was thought out before the RGB shirt was entered. When I saw the RGB design I decided to hold the design for two months before releasing it so that it did not appear to be copied, but it seems some people still have mixed emotions about it. It was not my intention to copy anyones idea and if the design really does take away credibility from springleap as squishy said then by all means remove it, no hard feelings, after all it’s just fun aint it?

shoutBack on 2/7/08 by simon

LOL. Love it man, and Dusty, must agree with you. The design is totally different to the RGB one and the characters as well.

shoutBack on 2/7/08 by souf

this idea is not close to the RGB or any other CMYK designs on the net, I checked :)

there is blatant plagirism and copyright infringement with one of our members and hope that its get corrected, but this isn’t anywhere close to copying at all.


shoutBack on 2/7/08 by IntegralApparel

Overall,it’s the same idea. Isn’t there some license attached to ideas?

shoutBack on 1/7/08 by sasquatchsports