Creator of legends

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looks good on any color shirt, I chose black.
The smoke is done in halftones.
Hope you like it!


btw- I think it’s awesome as is.

shoutBack on 1/11/10 by EranEyal

Got to tell you - this was one of my favorite designs EVER submitted on Springleap.

Your t-shirts rock - really love the design

I think that Creator of legends is amazingly strong especially for it’s amazing rendering and detail.

Would love to see this re-entered soon.

My esteemed admiration bro.

shoutBack on 1/11/10 by EranEyal

Awesome design & concept!!! I would like to see this with the smoke dragon lighter, as if it looks more like puffy smoke too

shoutBack on 27/10/10 by CHUCKY

Great stuff! best of luck. :)

shoutBack on 27/10/10 by Kontrastt

another awesome one from you, will you stop doing amazing designs one day? no?

shoutBack on 19/10/10 by kharmazero

Hehehe this is sooooo Erans style.

shoutBack on 18/10/10 by DuncanBoxie


shoutBack on 17/10/10 by sebasebi


shoutBack on 17/10/10 by sebasebi

HOLY CRAPHOLYMOLEY!!!! Dude!!!! What a WONDERFUL design - this is solid awesomeness… ME WANT!!!!


shoutBack on 17/10/10 by EranEyal

Si ganas, te la compro en S Sebi!!

shoutBack on 15/10/10 by lovelyichan