Funny explosion

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6 colors on green shirt, enjoy it!!


welcome back sebasebi

I have to agree with the others I hate clowns - but if i had to choose a clown id def choose yours - great design

shoutBack on 7/10/10 by amyabrahams

@INYOURFACE: Highfive dude!

shoutBack on 1/10/10 by DuncanBoxie

@INYOURFACE: Highfive dude!

shoutBack on 1/10/10 by DuncanBoxie

your amazing but no clowns for me sorry dude

shoutBack on 30/9/10 by INYOURFACE

Best one of the comp! Great job!

shoutBack on 30/9/10 by suburbanhijinx

Yo Seba. Nice job sir! Clown scare the hell outta me :P
Hmmm, maybe the clown should have been positioned more in front of the box…feel too far apart atm.

shoutBack on 28/9/10 by DuncanBoxie

Dude this is very very sic!I dig it:)
the only downfall that i see is that the clown and the baloon box are not in perspective??
otherwise it’s chronic!

shoutBack on 28/9/10 by unknown

Its beautiful! (he said with shiny puppy dog eyes)!
Seriously, nice work on the design. Super detail!
i think its the yellow balloons in the reds ones that you could see as a face. But, why cant a clown’s explosion have a face? Its like, um, getting more outa the pic. Like those 3D pics where you have to cross you eyes to see the hidden image… you’re lucky if you see the face, I say.

shoutBack on 27/9/10 by Frunch

Thanks chucky!

shoutBack on 27/9/10 by sebasebi

sorry to disappoint you, Savid, hahaha.

Thanks for comments!

shoutBack on 27/9/10 by sebasebi