Mind at work on cosmic-white

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This is what happened to me when i found out about Springleap, an explosion of ideas and enthusiasm! Awesome!


/ girl haha

shoutBack on 26/8/11 by Valesidecc

pretty wicked design guy

shoutBack on 26/8/11 by Valesidecc

this is seriously cool, love the style. I like the guy. I think it could be a wee bit smaller on the tee though.

shoutBack on 21/4/11 by Frunch

Love the idea bubble effect but the guy does not fit in to me, really love the color use. Maybe another character or just the bubble on its own. Nice work though :)

shoutBack on 11/4/11 by Izzicane

mind = blown

excellent design!

shoutBack on 23/3/11 by GoldenAce