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Mr. Bergie

Design by:

Didn't make it
Didn't make it

Words by the designer:

“Mom, mom, I think I’m turning into a Zombergie.”

“Why, your skin is turning green and your clothes are tearing. Yes, yes you are!”

“I love you Mr. Bergie. If only I could play that videogame forever and ever and ever.”

Mr. Bergie - about a million levels of loitering around. Fun for you.

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would have loved it without the red cartilage

shoutBack on 25/5/10 by letterpress

Sorry guys… but this is not my style. With all do respect, the concept is good but my personal opinion is that i won’t wear this…it’s too “fantasy” if you see what i mean. I don’t find anything retro about this design. NICE TRY! :)

shoutBack on 18/5/10 by Zave

Lolz this is insane cool bud. I can just see Mr. Bergie jumping over trash cans and avoiding CBD security whilst reaching for little spinning icons of Tussies.

shoutBack on 14/5/10 by DuncanBoxie

this would have been great for the 8 bit theme

shoutBack on 14/5/10 by kingslip

And you level up when you find a bottle of Sedgwick’s Old Brown Sherry. This is a horrible and awesome picture.

shoutBack on 13/5/10 by nicetomeetyou