Rocket Reindeer

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Didn't make it
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Words by the designer:

Man, I have no idea where this idea came from. I felt a need to design another shirt so I plugged in my Cintiq and in about an hour I had this done. Pretty stoked seeing as Christmas is just around the corner. In terms of the concept, must have just caught an idea floating by.


Ha ha good christmas Tee - but one can only wear it for a day lol ;)

shoutBack on 22/12/09 by Jade

@ milkdog haha rock out rudolf:) if you’d added some sexy girl elfs you woud have had my vote!

shoutBack on 21/12/09 by ElectroGirl

I think this graphic belongs more on a card platform as well.

shoutBack on 16/12/09 by EranEyal

This is a seasonal t-shirt

shoutBack on 15/12/09 by MissCarr

you are brilliant!!!

shoutBack on 15/12/09 by Eric

very xmas card. not hating through its cool;)

shoutBack on 14/12/09 by NoAngel

Just in time for the Xmas hollies. I like it alot ;)

shoutBack on 14/12/09 by DuncanBoxie


shoutBack on 14/12/09 by NormaJean

Rock on Rudolf! Very cool festive design.WD.

shoutBack on 12/12/09 by Lokololly

Its cool cause its christmas… I’d wear this!

shoutBack on 10/12/09 by AdamF