The crows maker

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Hope you like it!


Whoa - this is sik.

shoutBack on 31/8/10 by Jumper

This has always been a big 5 for me - I love the “wallpaper” effect - really awesome work as always. You rockstar.

shoutBack on 31/8/10 by EranEyal

seriously cool! I like it. Got my vote

shoutBack on 31/8/10 by Frunch

lindo diseño :D

shoutBack on 31/8/10 by Sergio37

Thanks for the comments…

shoutBack on 31/8/10 by sebasebi

sebasebi you da man! This is gonna be a tough comp. no question about it - 5 outta 5

shoutBack on 31/8/10 by INYOURFACE

very cool design :) EVERYTHING does it for me

shoutBack on 30/8/10 by Lexi87

very kewl. really enjoy the look. Reminds of the gorillaz.

shoutBack on 29/8/10 by cheese

Yea, I agree. This desigb looks best on black. I don’t’ think the subtle elements such as the wallpaper will translate well to other colours.

shoutBack on 28/8/10 by EranEyal

the problem is that if I use a light colored shirt, you lose the effect of shadows.

shoutBack on 27/8/10 by sebasebi